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Mini Plot Availability

There are currently no Mini Plots available in the Garden.  However, if you would be interested in a Mini Plot when one becomes available, please email janet.robins15@btinternet who will put your name on a waiting list.

Each Mini Plot measures 8′ by 6′ with a 3′ space between each.

Mini Plot 1       Taken      

Mini Plot 2       Taken

Mini Plot 3       Taken

Mini Plot 4       Taken        

Mini Plot 5       Taken

Mini Plot 6       Taken         

Mini Plot 7       Taken

Mini Plot 8       Taken

Mini Plot 9       Taken

Mini Plot 10     Taken 

The Garden encourages the use of organic methods as much as possible to protect and encourage the wildlife in the Garden. Click here for Advice and Resources on Organic Gardening.

No fees are currently levied for these Mini Plots, but this policy is reviewed by the Committee each year and any charge agreed for the following year by all members attending the AGM.

All Mini Plot “owners” are required to sign a Mini Plot Agreement setting out the basic Garden Rules.

[ See below for agreement for the year from 01/10/2019 ]

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