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Welcome to Goytre Community Garden

The Garden was established for the people of Goytre to provide a peaceful facility for the benefit of the whole community regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, class, ethnic origin, nationality, disability or political or other opinions.

Features of the Garden

As it was developed the garden was split in to various areas to  try and appeal to as many people as possible.  Some of the features are shown below:


Raised Beds

There are four raised beds for vegetables and two taller beds which can be used for various crops


Mini Plots

The mini plots have been created for members of the community to hire and use.



The orchard has been established to grow a variety of fruits.

With thanks to:

The Committee of Goytre Community Garden have to thank a number of organisations and people for their support and help to ensure the continuing success of this project.


The Community Garden works with many organisations with similar aims and objectives and those which can provide help and advice to further the success of this project.


There is a lot of useful information available which has been invaluable during the creation of the garden.

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